Crypto Beer

I stumbled across a tweet today – the three keywords that stood out were ‘beer’ – I enjoy beer, ‘bitcoins’ – anything crypto is cool.. and even better if it is a revolutionary currency, and the final keyword ‘Sydney’ I live there!

Mind starts racing – CryptoBeer!

The multiple comments in recent weeks/months about running another Sydney Crypto Party all came to front of mind, Hopefully we will have one organised soon and details posted at

In the meantime, I will head to the Old Fitz tomorrow evening (maybe a bit late for the talks) and hopefully buy and enjoy a CryptoBeer.. in the interest of the online audience and this first for the CryptoCurrency in a Sydney Pub I will hopefully livestream at

If you want to shout me a CryptoBeer donate about 0.05BTC to 1CVShW3RGjsojen8mUVHwogRrefNvEpjnv

If you want to track my bitcoin wallet tomorrow evening you can watch the transactions at

From a Government run events page I found the following details about the Old Fitzroy Hotels move to accept bitcoins:

Proprieter, Garry Pasfield, will be launching the new payment option at a special Beer for Bitcoins event on Sunday 29th September from 3pm. The afternoon will allow those unfamiliar with bitcoin to learn about the currency, buy some bitcoins off other people to start using them, and of course, to purchase a beer or two with bitcoin.

Anyone with a smartphone and a bitcoin wallet will be able to buy drinks with bitcoin, simply by using their phone to scan a QR code, which will be generated at the till.

Sydney artist, Gustaf Van Wyk, will be launching and selling copies of his new book, An Idiot’s Guide to Bitcoin, at the event and will be giving a brief introductory and explanatory speech about the currency. Members of meetup group, Bitcoin Sydney, will also be attending to help answer any questions.

Despite being steeped in history, The Old Fitzroy is embracing the new technology and our publican, Garry has already adapted the Point of Sale device so he can start taking bitcoin at the bar. He hopes to benefit from the advantages it can offer business, such as lower transaction fees, and also to make the most of being one of the first acceptors of bitcoin in the Sydney marketplace.

“I am interested in bitcoin because it is progressive,” he says. “I know a lot of people will like the opportunity to steer away from the big banks and [bitcoin] will have a lot of legs if it can establish itself.”

Beer for Bitcoin