Beat The Blockade – Extra gift ideas and donation options

by karwalski

Today has launched its new Christmas gift idea campaign, with multiple items and e-cards for donation gifts to your friends and family.

Visit the site at

I have come across a few other gift ideas and donation options which support WikiLeaks related groups and individuals.

Bradley Manning Support Network – Stickers, Badges, T-Shirts and banners with proceeds to the Bradley Manning Support Network and Defence

The WikiLeaks Tapes – The DVD created by Cathy Vogan with interviews with WikiLeaks supporters including Noam Chomsky, Daniel Ellsberg, Mary Kostakidis, John Pilger and MANY more. Proceeds help fund the travelling costs, filming and producing of these and future interviews

The WikiLeaks Truck – Stickers, Prints and Customer Guy Fawkes Masks to cover help the cost of the WikiLeaks Truck and expanding the WikiLeaks Fleet around the world –

Alexa O’Brien – Donations to cover Alexa’s expenses of reporting on Bradley Manning’s historic, ‘secret’ trial at Fort Meade

Kevin Gosztola – Donations to cover Kevin’s (FDL) coverage of Bradley Manning’s pre-trial hearings.

Jeremy Hammond Support Network – ‘Hear Us Now’ compilation CD with proceeds going to defence funds for Jeremy Hammond and the Free Anons Network

Undergound – Book by Suelette Dreyfus & Julian Assange

Julian Assange Action Figure – part of the proceeds of the 12 inch action figure go to Wikileaks

If I have missed any, please responded in the comments and I will update the page.