Julian Assange would be no better off under a LNP Government.

The role of Shadow Attorney-General is currently held by Senator the Hon George Brandis, SC. I wrote to him a month ago with my disgust in the lack of action and attacking of Julian Assange by the Hon Nicola Roxon MP, the current Attorney-General.

I was surprised to read his response today, in a letter dated June 1st 2012, two days after the latest supreme court ruling on Julian Assange. Rather than jumping at the opportunity to discredit his oponent Nicola Roxon, Senator Brandis instead starts his letter attacking Julian Assange and WikiLeaks. Like former Attorney-General McClelland, and the office of the current AG, he labeled WikiLeaks ‘irresponsible’.

Dispite Australian Federal Police investigating any wrong doing, and publicly sharing that he has broken no Australian laws, Senator Brandis (with over 30 years of legal experience) believes it is “not all that clear” if Julian Assange has broken Australian laws.

I have typed the letter below.

1 JUN 2012

Dear Mr xxxxxxx

I refer to your letter on 2 May 2012 concerning Mr Julian Assange.

The Coalition condemns the irresponsible disclosure of sensitive national security information by WikiLeaks. However, it is not at all clear that Mr Assange has committed any contravention of Australian laws by posting the information. The person who accessed and passed on the material to WikiLeaks would seem to have committed a serious breach of US law; that is a matter for the US authorities.

On the allegations of sexual assault, that is a matter for the Swedish authorities to deal with. Furthermore, the extradition proceeding are a matter of UK law.

As an Australian citizen, Mr Assange [is] entitled to consular assistance. That will include checking on his welfare and ensuring he has access to legal assistance. It does not involve and advocacy on his behalf in relation to the Swedish or British proceedings – that is for the relevant authorities and his legal team.

I trust this information is of assistance.

Yours sincerely

George Brandis SC