What is the connection between MasterCard, ALP and the WikiLeaks Banking Blockade

by karwalski

On April 5 WikiLeaks supporters around the world donated $5 to WikiLeaks to beat the blockade, some people asked what else they could do to raise awareness and help beat the financial blockade that has been crippling WikiLeaks funding for over 500 days. And Some, like Andrew Partos took action and called MasterCard, one of the companies blocking funding to WikiLeaks.

Andrew is an abundant writer of letters to the press in the name of truth, justice and free speech. You can find out more about Andrews story and the details of the phone call in this video by Cathy Vogan (link1) Andrew stated that he was able to speak with Mr David Masters of MasterCard (Vice President, Strategy and Corporate Affairs) after calling MasterCard’s Sydney telephone number with queries about the WikiLeaks banking blockade. Mr Masters does not deny the conversation took place (link2) however Mr Masters does refer to a comment made by Andrew as a false allegation.

Andrew Partos is adamant that It is alleged that Mr Masters said “MasterCard have every right to stop dealing with whoever we want to.” “MasterCard acted on the instructions of the PM (Julia Gillard) and the Attorney general (Robert McClelland)”

MasterCard’s statements were as follows; “The decision to suspend acceptance to WikiLeaks was MasterCard’s alone. Given the serious nature of the allegations and some of the public comments by senior elected officials from around the world (including the Australian Prime Minister and the then Attorney-General who indicated that there were questions about the legalities of WikiLeaks activity) we believed it was prudent to suspend acceptance. The allegation that we were instructed by the PM and AG is incorrect.”

A second statement was released in regards to whether there was any discussion at all between MasterCard and the government before the decision was made. “there was no contact at all between MasterCard and the Government before our decision.”

I want to add one fact that is freely available via a web search and clicking onto the LinkedIn profile of Mr David Masters (link3). Mr David Masters worked as a media advisor for the Labor Party between June 1995 and November 1996. In March 1996, the Hon Robert McClelland became Labor’s member for Barton in Sydney (link4). In addition Mr Masters has worked on had bounced between Visa and MasterCard multiple times in the last decade. Visa is another financial institution that blocked funding to WikiLeaks within hours of MasterCard.

Is it possible that Mr David Masters of MasterCard and Former Attorney General, Robert McClelland have not only know each other and kept in contact over the last 15 years, but also spoke to each other in early December 2010 to orchestrate the blocking of funds to WikiLeaks?