The Attorney-General the Hon Nicola Roxon on Julian Assange’s extradition

by karwalski

As per my previous blog entries, I have been waiting on a response from the Attorney-General and Foreign Affairs Minister regarding Julian Assange’s extradition.

Today I received the response from the AG.

Sharon Bird MP writes:
21 February 2012

Dear Mr xxxxxxx

Please find enclosed a letter I have received from Attorney-General, the Hon Nicola Roxon MP, following my representation on your behalf, regarding the matter of Mr Julian Assange.

I hope that this information from the Attorney may be of interest to you.

Yours sincerely
Sharon Bird MP

Nicola Roxon writes:

16 Feb 2012

Dear Ms Bird (Corrected to say Sharon)

Thank you for your letter of 16 January 2012 enclosing correspondence from your constituent, Mr xxxxx, about Mr Julian Assange.

In his letter, Mr xxxxxx states that the Government should be advocating on behalf of Mr Assange to the United Kingdom and Swedish Governments. Australia’s Ambassadors in London and Stockholm have repeatedly sought assurances from the United Kingdom and Swedish authorities that Mr Assange’s case will proceed in accordance with due process and procedural fairness.

Mr xxxxx also expressed the view that the Government needs to protect Mr Assange from the possibility of being extradited from Sweden to the United States. If an Australian citizen is required to respond to an allegation of breaching the laws of another country, the Government’s role is to seek to ensure due process is followed in the legal proceedings.

Extradition treaties between most countries, including between the United States and Sweden, the United States and Australia and Swedenand the United Kingdom, include common conditions and obligations designed to protect the person who is subject of the extradition request. These requirements include that:
– extradition cannot take place for a ‘political offence’
– the offence for which extradition is sought must be an offence in both the requesting and the requested state, and
– a person cannot be extradited in relation to an offence for which the death penalty is available unless the requesting State undertakes not to impose or carry out the death penalty for the offence.

I trust this information is of assistance.

Yours sincerely
Nicola Roxon

– Karwalski – *Sorry about any typos, had to do this on my phone