Generic Government responses on Julian Assange – The proof

by karwalski

The following text is identical to my initial response from Sharon Bird MP. The story behind the below letter can be found at,3884.0.html

” The Australian Governement is committed to providing high quality consular support to all Australians overseas. As part of its consular role, the Government endevours to protect the legal rights of all Australians abroad. This includes Mr Assange.

Like any other Australian, Mr Assange has a right to privacy and the disclosure of specific details of the consular assistance provided to Mr Assange is not permitted under the provisions of the Privacy Act. I can, however, assure you that Australian consular officials are working closely with Mr Assange and his lawyers to provide him with appropriate consular support in his current circumstances.

Extradition proceedings against Mr Assange must proceed in accordance with the laws of the United Kingdom and Sweden. It is important to remember that when Australians are involved in legal or judicial processes overseas, there is a limit to what the Australian Government can do for them; the Government cannot, for instance, intervene in the judicial processes of other countries.

The Australian Government has, however, clearly expressed its expectation to UK and Swedish authorities that Mr Assange’s case will proceed in accordance with proper due process.”